We conduct corporate governance audits to help each client develop practices and procedures applicable to the board and corporate secretary’s office that meet international governance standards and that are appropriate to their organization.


Following the audit, we assist corporate secretaries to make sure the new procedures are properly implemented.


We also articulate board and committee roles and responsibilities and help develop codes of conduct taking into account the particular needs of each company and its businesses.



We aim at establishing effective board organization and board calendars through  review of current practices, against the board’s and committees’ responsibilities and then work with boards to organize their activities in a cogent, efficient annual calendar tailored to the board’s specific needs.


We are a leading corporate reputation management consultancy delivering real and lasting change. We enable organizations, brands, teams and individuals to measure, change and enhance their reputations through a three stage, nine step approach that enables you to measure, change and enhance your reputation through; measuring your Corporate, Online ,Risk and Campaign Measurement. We also measure and monitor Brand Reputation, Stakeholder Analysis and Employer brand.


We provide organizations with a complete spectrum of services related to financial transactions, helping them embrace change, grow their business, accelerate performance, and emerge resilient following periods of change, disruption, financial difficulty, or crisis. Services include: Financial Risk, Transactions & Restructuring, Regulatory & Operational Risk, strategic & Reputation Risk Management.



SBG’s Organization Transformation, career development and succession planning practice can help align your organization with the critical changes required for success. We work across the enterprise, offering business-oriented and data-driven solutions to drive your organization’s transformation agenda to achieve high impact, sustainable business results. Other services include: Strategic Plan formation, strategic management HR tools, Change management, HR Transformation and Innovation



At SBG, we work together to complete timely and accurate tax and financial filings so companies have an increased level of confidence that they are meeting legal obligations. Our people also can identify ways to help increase value, efficiency and control in these core functions. We advise on transfer pricing, human capital, including expatriate services, supply chain and process improvement. We also provide advice to steer our clients clear and out of tax disputes and non-compliance issues.



SBG’s M&A specialists have the insight and experience to advise corporate and private investors through each stage of the merger and acquisition process.


We help clients develop appropriate post and pre-merger/acquisition strategies based on the prevailing market conditions, guiding them through the maze of regulatory requirements, conducting due diligence down to ensuring a steady transition up to the grassroots staff during the merger, acquisition, or divestiture process.   



Our services in this section include, portfolio strategy, strategic, communications and operating model assessment, target screening, deal structuring and readiness review.